We Were On A Break!

If you were alive and watching in the 1990s you’ll know what my title means. Yes, that’s right, I too cheated on Rachael.

harry quebert

Well, maybe I didn’t. But I did promise to tell you the truth about The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair before we went on our break and then never followed through. I’m terribly sorry about that – here it is.

Trying to write a summary of the plot is pretty much an exercise in futility, because it twists and turns so much. It begins with a hugely popular young author travelling to  the New England coast to try to clear the name of his literary mentor who has been accused of the murder of a young girl 30 years previously. Her body has been discovered in his garden and he has been arrested.

The pro’s are many – It’s pacey and gripping. There are enough cliffhangers for you to let the bathwater go cold around you while you’re reading (no the pages don’t get soggy – I keep a towel nearby to keep my hands dry).


It also hints at a number of dark and interesting questions not normally dwelt on by your average airport novel – the portrayal of young girls in the media, the effect of literary celebrity, unreliable narration, small town gothica, writer’s block, religious fervor in the southern states, there’s a boo radley type character kicking around for a while…. you get the idea. All of these promise to be interesting and you keep reading to see how they pan out.

Except, and here’s my con, they don’t. Its like the author has started writing a great story, and during writing it, he’s thought to himself ‘oh yeah, I could talk about this! or that! or the next thing!’ and dropped his first idea to move on to the next. It leaves you feeling a bit dissatisfied towards the end. You think that this might be the next Steig Laarson, who used quick thrillers to talk about  huge ideas, but then you realise that actually this guy’s huge ideas are sparks – they never take root. Having said that, it’s a great thriller that keeps you going right until the very last page.

Finally, the author has recently been using his literary celebrity to sell cars. Which is fairly weird, and dangerously close to his book reflecting his reality if you ask me.


I read some other books too – stay posted to find out what they were….


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